Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dressed for Success

Today we went to Perno’s Formal World to check out tuxedos to rent because my husband is convinced he does not need to own a tux. Never mind that he has three teenage children that will likely get married one day….

I have one thought in my head and it is all black: black tux, black shirt, black vest, black tie.  And then we actually look at tux photos. Armed with my information from Jason, many are excluded immediately.  But, then I see this one black tux with some very subtle vertical striping, with a silver vest, and white shirt, and whimsical wavy silver and black striped tie… while John is dutifully checking out all black ensembles.

Oh Sweetie, new plan!!!  So he tries on the entire thing.  Meanwhile I’m thinking OUT LOUD, almost in a stream of consciousness kind of way in the direction of the sales lady, how tall was that man in the photo… his skin was olive, like he is Latino or something… maybe that is why that color pallet looked so good … My shoes are pewter, will his silver look weird next to me? All I can say is that the employees at Perno’s are very patient.  She didn’t roll her eyes even once, at least not so I could see them.

John gets the whole look going, and it looks very sharp.  It turns out the white shirt and grey vest soften his appearance and bring out the color of his green eyes.  Oh, and his glasses look SO good with it. Those black glasses have a touch of silver accent on the sides. We have a winner.  Woof!

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