Friday, February 18, 2011

Kevin the Metal Head

So where are my stories about Kevin and Rachel? It’s not like they were wallflowers in the corner.  As I think back on it, my Kevin stories are so specific that I’d have needed a tape recorder to repeat those.  Kevin is a doctor, making him an extremely detail oriented person. When he is not around, we refer to him as the Roc Doc.  One story involving him goes like this. We are driving through Hollywood, and Kevin says something like… "Did you see that car? It’s a new Bugatti Veyron. It sells for $2,000,000. The tires alone are $50,000 a set.  They tested it on a 13-mile straightway.  At full speed the tires will disintegrate in 15 minutes. Luckily, you will run out of gas in 14 minutes."  Who can remember that level of detail besides Kevin? I only remember it because I thought? Really, some random car on the road and he has all those facts running around his head?  It just made me want to point to another one and say, "Ok how about that one? What do you know?"  But, then I became enamored with Rodeo Drive, where John announced that his "credit card was trembling," and Kevin added, "Mine is melting!"

 Kevin's taste in music is vast. He is a huge Panic fan and loves late 60's early 70's classic rock: Zeppelin, Hendrix, CSNY. In fact his wife, Rachel, is in John's CSNY cover band, Deja Vu.  Kevin is also a metal head.  You should see the videos on his iPhone. At the pre-telecast, he notices Dave Mustaine from the band Megadeth.  John, Kevin, and Dave are talking.  Dave says to them, "I’ve been nominated nine times now, and no win.  And Kenny G, 21 nominations before he won."  He was trying to soften the blow of John not winning. I thought that was pretty classy. Nothing like the comfort of heavy metal to ease the pain.

Here is a video of Rachel singing with Deja Vu...

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