Friday, February 11, 2011

Larger than Life

Well happy birthday Widespread Panic! That was some nice birthday party at the Classic Center last night. John got to play, as did Anne Richmond Boston and Randall Bramblett. Before I ever moved to Athens, I was listening to the Swimming Pool Ques so it is always a treat for me to get to hear Anne Richmond Boston live on stage! Yep, I’m a fan. And, who doesn’t love what Randall brings to the table…

Back stage in the family rooms… I hope Kelly won’t shoot me for posting this, or worse, ban me from all Panic shows.  I suppose there is always delete... but, the most interesting thing that I learned last night was that her family has a blow up TV screen that only makes appearances for special occasions, like awards shows, like say, the Grammys, when you need to see the event in life size proportions. I am totally aware that I am technology challenged. I mean, my phone doesn’t even take photos….  But, really, a blow up TV screen? I had to ask if it doubles as a swimming pool in the summer.  I was assured it did not.  Apparently, she was just cruising down the aisle at Best Buy, and she just had to have it.  I asked her if it came in HD, and she said of course not. So again, there goes my lack of technological savvy shining through.  I also asked her if it had a Nascar on the box, hee, hee, hee.  You know I am going to have to go to Best Buy to check this thing out.

Another fun conversation at catering before the show was listening to Randall confirming what he thought he knew to be true about Facebook, while at the same time picking Matt Joiner’s brain about how and when to do other things on Facebook.  Randall actually had about 800 people waiting to be his “friend.”  I advised him to just get an intern.  That kind of backlog just has to stop.  Don’t you know some UGA marketing student or Music Business School student would just love to take on Randall Bramblett?

It looks like Sunny may be sitting in front of a large, blow up TV screen Sunday night! HA!

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