Thursday, February 17, 2011

Missing the Red Carpet Walk

They announced at the beginning of the pre-telecast that if you win, the nominee will be herded out the back to the Red Carpet walk, and the accompanying posse is welcome to join him/her.  In hindsight, that should have been a clue that if John wanted to walk it or even see it, we should have left the ceremony early to catch the excitement.  The other clue came in loud and clear when Kathryn got a text from Kathy Best, who is the publicist for 2011 Grammy Award winner Miranda Lambert and Martina McBride, both of whom were performing shortly.  Martina McBride was part of the all star woman, power group that opened the televised awards.  Kathryn texted that we were staying to the end of the pre-telecast awards.  The publicist texted back, "BAD PLAN." We had no idea what that meant. We now think she was telling us we were missing it all.  But, we knew some of the people up for awards at the pre-telecast as well as the work of others and wanted to see these killer performances at the pre-Telecast. In hindsight, the pre-telecast featured the best performances of the entire day, musically speaking, I thought: Trombone Shorty, a duet between Bobby McFerrin and the 2011 Best New Artist Esperanza Spalding, and a super group including Cindy Lauper, Mavis Staples, and Buddy Guy.  So we stayed too long. 

Following the performances, we decided to grab a salad at Lawry’s Carvery. By the time we got it together, we were walking to the Red Carpet area and realized how late it was, which was confirmed for us when a security guard said the Red Carpet was closed.  So, we hurried to find our seats.  We were all a bit bummed about the Red Carpet, except maybe John who had announced earlier that he wouldn’t mind missing that part at all because he really wanted to see all the music he could.  After all, this day was a once in a lifetime musical opportunity.  Well, yeah, but Red Carpet? After much thought, I think that if you don’t win a Grammy at the pre-telecast and you aren’t Lady Gaga coming down the carpet in an egg, they really don’t want you on the Red Carpet. So maybe it worked out as the music gods would have it.

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