Monday, February 7, 2011

Well, the weekend was here so there was time to obsess over Grammy clothes.  Literally one week to the Grammys.  So it is officially Grammy week.  I have decided to dress like a Rock Star all week.  In fact, I am going to a house party tonight where John and Nathan Sheppard are playing, and I am completely overdressed.  And loving it.

Today,  it was show and tell with Kathryn’s array of Grammy hopefuls.  One form fitting Nicole Miller “little black dress” with a square neckline and rousing down the side, shouting, “Choose me, choose me," and another shiny black dress with layers of rousing screaming, “It’s not a party without me!”  Mine has been scrutinized to the point that it has been demoted to just sort of as an “also ran” to be part of the fun.  Kathryn’s friend, Anna, was in town to approve Kathryn’s clothes – I mean ride her horse – with a little extra time dedicate to peruse apparel.  At the end of the day the rousing dress got the nod.  Kathryn’s friend Emily is going to dress her in Stella and Dot jewelry. Rachel is going to be adorned by T. K. Andersons.  For whatever reason, I refuse to be deterred from my trendy, cheap gunmetal fake bling bling. I just love it. No worries if I lose it!

So I never got back to this blog, timely.  But the house party was fun.  It was at Caroline Aiken’s house.  She is having these limited seating, intimate setting parties .  You should “friend” Caroline if for no other reason to find out about these parties.  Randall Bramblett is up next in March, but may be sold out.  At the end of the first set John said something like, “I have a song I want to play for you by myself.  I only learned it four hours ago so I have the lyrics right here.  But I just love it so much I wanted to play it tonight.”  It was the Gamble and Save song by Home Grown Revival.  He just can’t say enough good things about that band -- got them a small local gig at Hendershots where he made the comment that they “blew him away” in the studio.  He was also part of getting them the gig opening for the Carolina Chocolate Drops here in Athens next week.  Their record comes out next Saturday, so be looking for it if you like blue grassy music.  The band calls it progressive folk music.  I have no idea what that means, except I like it!

Yes, many commented on my attire and even agreed to Dress Like a Rock Star all week, too!

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