Thursday, January 27, 2011

And the grominee is…. John Keane

It’s the morning of December 2, and I’m at work when I get a call from my neighbor telling me that John has been nominated for a Grammy. I’m thinking, like what? I’m told it’s on Facebook. I’ve got to see this for myself. So, I’m checking out my messages on Facebook, when I see my friend Ellie’s post: Congratulations to John Keane for his Grammy nod for his engineering work on Widespread Panic’s Dirty Side Down. My mind goes right away to the other John Keane that wrote the music for CSI, and I’m thinking there has been some terrible mix up... except that Ellie works for Widespread Panic. She would know. So after I process all this, I contact Ellie and ask her how she knew.  She says, I was reading the LA Times and there it was. As though everyone reads the LA Times at the start of the day.  In retrospect, I realize it is probably her job to check out the Grammy nominations just to be current on the music news.

So suddenly people who never in their lives paid any attention to the Grammy’s start sending me links… did you see the nominees for the 53 Grammy Awards… scroll down to item 91 on the list…

Of course, John’s three, teenage children are very excited. They have taken to calling him “The Grominee.” And you know it is a bit like being President or Governor… he is now and forever The Grammy Nominated John Keane!  No, they won’t make it to the Grammy’s.  School first!


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