Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Atlanta Party Draws Near

Now that I have spent countless hours obsessing over my dresses, it finally occurs to me that John IS the nominee after all. I should be concerned about what he is wearing because he certainly won’t be... until the day of the Grammy Awards... when there is nothing anyone can do anything about it.  John thinks he wants to wear his dark grey suit to the Atlanta party.

So I go shopping. Ties are to men what shoes are to women, right? So I purchase a beautiful Michael Kors black tie with tiny silver dots all over it, and a black Calvin Klein shirt. He already has three in the same size and color, but he likes to wear them on stage and they are looking quite worn.

He seems to like the tie. I need to press the suit pants.  Hanger lines. All he ever wears are blue jeans – from the Gap. That suit has been hanging there a while. He was married in it.

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