Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another day, another dress

So I tell John I need to go to shop for a dress to wear to the Atlanta party.  He says, “Why?  Can’t you wear the dress you bought for the Grammy Awards?” Silly man, of course not. I’m only going to two events and he wants me to be an outfit repeater?

This dress, oddly, comes from the Athens Mall.  My two daughters completely despise the dress I bought at Nordstrom Rack in Atlanta for the Atlanta party when I was left to my own devises.  So, we go off to Belk in Athens where I find a beautiful black Jennifer Chen dress, 75 percent off, for $45. That will never happen again.  I take it to the tailor to have it slightly altered to suit my personal style. I love the dress so much I am torn between that dress and the red one, which one to wear to the Grammy Awards after all?  My 16 year old twin daughters make it clear that the red dress is going to the Grammy Awards.

By now I have shopped for two dresses, matching shoes, purses, and baubles.

Only now does this thought cross my mind, “Oh yeah, what will JOHN wear?”

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