Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Mischievous Moment

The next day was The Grammy Awards Ceremony.  Knowing that it would take the men about 30 minutes to get dressed, including downtime, I came up with the idea to send the men to breakfast.  It was a self-serving idea. I wanted to spend a ridiculous amount of time on my hair to see if I could get it to do a ringlet thing. Who doesn’t try something completely new on a big day, right? Greg’s wife, Moj, spent about an hour, painstakingly, curling my hair.  She had commented the day before that the person who does Fergie’s hair lives in their building, and, that she’d be glad to call her to fix my hair.  Moj even went so far as to offer it up as her treat. This conversation comes up because Kathryn has been going around and around about whether or not she want someone to do her hair. She knew of a person to call to do it and had been giving it serious thought.  I couldn’t stop myself from calling her to lead her to believe that Fergie’s stylist was doing my hair.  On that morning of the Grammy’s, I call Kathryn and mention that I am having my hair done.  She falls hook, line, and sinker. She is ready to come over to have hers done, too! Finally, I tell her that I am yanking her chain, it is just Moj.

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