Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reconnecting with the Past

The first night we had dinner at Sushi Roku with John’s posse, Greg, and also Scott Stuckey and his lovely wife, Christina.   Scott was a big part of the Athens music scene a dozen years ago and was one of Vic Chesnutt’s closest friends and contemporaries. He and John have been friends a long time and even used to go water skiing together long ago. Scott moved back to DC at some point to be with his children.  A couple of years ago, and after his children graduated high school, he and his wife took the opportunity to change things up and relocate to the Hollywood Hills. Scott produced the first Brute CD called Nine High a Pallet.  He said he caught a lot of flack from both the Chesnutt and Panic fans who both complained that he had monkeyed with their respective sounds. I guess some people missed the point that it was supposed to be something different, thus the name Brute.

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