Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Details, details…

The clothes… so now I need two dresses: one for Atlanta and one for LA.  Never mind which one comes first, I am obsessed with the Grammy Awards Ceremony.  So my friend Julie and I try on every dress at the Mall of Georgia from Dillard’s to Nordstrom’s.  We find some very nice dresses, but red carpet worthy? Not so much.  Feeling really bummed, we stroll in to Cachet since it is “on the way to the car.”

There is a red dress I want to try on. The sales lady says,  “I only have that one.” It isn’t my size. She adds, “You should try on this red one.” I reply, “I’m sorry, but that is the ugliest dress I have ever seen.” She says, “100 percent of the people that I show this dress to, say that. But 100 percent of the people that actually try it on, buy it.”

Intrigued, I try it. I bought it. On the way out the door she says, “Don’t wear silver shoes with that dress. “ She says it with such authority that I don’t ask the obvious question, “Why not?” So I tell everyone I know that I can’t wear silver shoes with that dress, and they all ask the obvious question, “Why not?”

Later, I fret that the dress I bought is too big for me. So remembering that there was one in a size smaller, I call the store. She says, “Yes, we still have that dress, but it is damaged. I can’t sell it to you. Let me see if there is one at another location.”

And there is one at Lenox and one at Perimeter. I go to Perimeter because my friend, Ella Jane, lives near there. I can justify the awful drive by having her meet me at the mall, shop together for some accessories, and go out for a nice dinner.  I call Perimeter, tell them I am coming and ask them to hold the dress for me.  The sales lady agrees.  Then I ask her to check it out for defects as I am coming a long way. She does and sees no problem.

I get there, and try on my original dress for an independent opinion about the size. She says, “ That dress is definitely too big for you.” And she goes to get the other dress. I love the fit. Then as I am gathering it up to pay for it, I see that it is missing a thread on back right where my derriere will be. My derriere needs no attention getting devises, like missing threads. The very embarrassed sales lady apologizes and offers to have one mailed to my house.  Truthfully, I nearly missed the flaw myself.  I had to drag her into the lighting of the dressing room to point it out.

As we are wrapping up the details of the transaction she adds, “ Did you notice the blackish sheen to the red dress? You’ll want to wear pewter shoes and jewelry.” And she picks up a pewter bracelet and lays it on the dress. I see what she means immediately.  She explains that pewter is sometimes referred to as the color “gunmetal.”

And then I get it. Red and Silver equals a holiday look. Red and Gunmetal equals a Grammy look!


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